Hair Services

Haircutting & styling are a great way to make a dramatic change or subtle change while still keeping within your comfort zone.  Cutting and shaping the hair to fit your face shape is our number one priority to make you feel great. Come in and let our profession stylists make you look and feel great.

For Women

  • Women’s Cut includes shampoo…$20 and up
  • Women’s style includes shampoo…$20
  • Bang Trim…$10
  • Special Occasion Styles and Up-Do’s…$50

Ask for Texture – Modern Waves are a great way to give hair a bit of volume with a wave or a curl.  They add welcome texture to any style of hair.

For Men

When men tend to think about fashion and style, they usually think of clothes and shoes. However, hair is playing a much larger role in fashion as hair styles are continuing to gain more notice and depth. We find new trends in men’s hair fascinating and we love giving men that added flicker which hair styles tend to grant. We want to stress the relevance of men entertaining the idea of going to a beauty salon to receive a hair style. Beauty Salons provide a much needed ambiance in men’s grooming that has been missing for quite a time. So please, come into Fashion Villa Studio & Spa and begin to understand the joy of receiving a top quality hair style that only Fashion Villa can help you experience:

  • Men’s Cut includes shampoo…$17
  • Men’s Cut and Highlights
  • Men’s Cut and Color…$39
  • Men’s Cut and Camo Color (camouflage the gray)

For Children

  • Childrens Cuts – 1 thu 10 years of age
  • Full color extensions

Perms and Specialties

  • Color (semi-permanent and permanent)…$52 and up
  • Partial Highlights…$54 and up
  • Full Highlights…$80 and up
  • Color Correction…$80 per hour
  • Perms…$61 and up
  • Specialty Perms and Texturing
  • Spiral Perms…$110
  • Mens Perms
  • Hair Relaxing…$62
  • Ear Piercing…$10
  • Makeup…$28

Colors – The training our staff possess to give you the most updated colors, highlights and different dimensional color is continous.  Stylists go to the Redken training and various color classes to learn the latest techniques and procedures to achieve results we all want. Read More

Waxing – Hair removal is a simple yet modernly painless way to remove unwanted hair.  While we make the hair your supposed to have look great, we also remove that hair that shouldn’t be there at all.

Proud sponsor of “Locks of Love“.

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